Product Care

Use Daily

Don’t let them sit on the shelf, they are meant to be used right away and everyday. As a guide, we use recommend using your products within 12 months from the formulation/bottled date. We know they may last much much longer than that but think of them as the healthy food for your skin and use the products right away.

Use Wisely

Don’t eat them. Don’t put them in your eyes. If you have an allergic reaction, quit using it. Be cautious if you are pregnant or nursing. Essential oils are potent and not intended for children and some are not recommended for the gestation period. It is always wise to do a test patch and/or consult your doctor if you are unsure of any product from any company. Information on this website does not replace written law or regulations, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  If you have questions about a medical condition, always seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified medical professional. 

When you put your fingers and/or water on/in a product and/or applicator, you introduce bacteria to it each time. When you expose essential oils to the air, they begin to breakdown (keep it shut). If it smells funky, if it has an odd appearance or texture or growth, or just generally has something not quite right about it, don’t use it. If this happens before 6 months following your purchase, please let us know.

Use Exclusively

If you are using a face wash from the big box store {loaded with chemicals and preservatives} and then following it with the Facial Serum from Nash and Jones, you may not realize the full benefits of the serum. Your face has already been stripped and angered by the face wash. Try using a complete regimen of Nash and Jones products and record how well your skin reacts.

Use Long Term

It takes a while to expel the chemicals from other products and let your skin calm. Your skin may go through a period of cleaning out all of the old junk first. Also, if it’s used to chemicals and has its own way of combating them, it will take a while to re-train it to work with the new products. It’s all worth it.

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