What we put on our skin is what we put into our skin.

Our skin craves healthy ingredients the same way we need healthy food to properly fuel our bodies. We believe in nourishing skin with ingredients from the earth without chemical preservatives or fillers added.

What is the actual cost of using toxic ingredients?

Products with engineered ingredients can be seductively inexpensive.

They can also be marketed as elite with an inflated price tag.

What is their actual value if they leave us with empty promises, blemishes, dull skin, signs of aging, hormone disruption, allergic reactions, a complicated beauty routine and/or worry of long-term consequences?

Break Free & Replace with quality ingredients that your skin craves.

Instead of Petroleum, we use Beeswax to draw and seal the nourishing ingredients into skin. Petroleum, or crude oil, is a fossil fuel. When used in skincare, it sits on top of the skin, tricking it into thinking it got hydrated.

Instead of Dyes, we celebrate the Natural Color of Natural Ingredients. Dyes used in cosmetics are often synthetic chemicals and it takes a synthetic cocktail to create just one. They are skin irritants and unnecessary.

We choose cold-pressed, expeller-pressed and steam-distilled oils and essential oils as well as plants and roots that are renewable. Our ingredients are alive, come from the earth and nourish with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

Instead of fillers, we use concentrated formulas that our skin recognizes and the ingredients are able to sink deep. We don’t see the value in creating more volume, but rather concentrated quality that you can use less of for each application.

Instead of Perfumes, we use Essential Oils to create scent. Perfume Oils are inexpensive toxic chemical cocktails that sting noses, stress the immune system and can even create illness. Essential oils not only smell wonderful but have added benefits for skin.

We partner with companies that also have the same ideas about clean ingredients. Plus, we don’t test on animals.  In fact, everything we craft or adopt are products we wish to use ourselves, so your testers are us.

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