What makes our Products different?

Our products are nourishing food for your skin, just like fresh ingredients from the farm

Our products are crafted from all natural ingredients and materials.  Furthermore, we choose suppliers [often family-owned like us] that employ only natural and responsible ways to harvest and refine the ingredients instead of using bleach or other harmful refining processes. What we are able to offer are clean ingredients from earth to hand.

Think of our products as food for your skin.  What kind of foods are/are not nourishing to eat?  What are the consequences of choosing processed foods vs natural ones? Lettuce vs a fast food burger or raspberries vs a boxed meal?  We can answer these questions easily when talking about foods but often we don’t know what we are consuming through our products.  At least, we didn’t.  Until we did.  That’s when we made big changes.

Add new product arrivals to the back of the shelf.  We always want the oldest crafted date in the front to sell first.

Keep stock in abundance for each product as it sells better when fully stocked vs having only one or two remaining.

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Nash and Jones Basics

We take into account every part from earth to skin

No Water

When water is an ingredient, there needs to be a multitude of chemicals in order to prevent bacterial growth. We don’t want those chemicals plus we prefer a concentrated formula to sink deep and nourish skin.  The only product that uses water are our soap bars.  It is a necessary ingredient for crafting and water is also a part of its use.

No Preservatives

Preservatives are drying and potentially toxic. Even in small doses per item, those ingredients add up daily when using multiple products and then combine with those you consume through food. Not to mention, they don’t do anything good for our skin.

No petroleum, chemicals, dyes or perfumes

We celebrate the natural color of ingredients, use Vitamins to extend the life of your ingredients and Essential Oils to add a pleasing scent (plus added skin benefits).  There is no need for chemical cocktails.

Non-comedogenic oils

We use oils that have the lowest likelihood of clogging pores according to the 0-5 scale, especially in sensitive skin formulas.

Be Smart

Eternal adult use only. Use in a timely manner and store in a dark and cool place with lids/tops tightly closed. Avoid getting water inside formulas. Avoid eyes.

Essential Oil Safety

Those who are pregnant (or may be pregnant), breastfeeding, on medication and/or under medical care should use caution with products containing essential oils. Essential oils are not intended for children.

Use Exclusively

It is hard to assign the results of the products if they are used in conjunction with products that contain chemicals and preservatives. Give your skin a chance to enjoy the benefits of natural products by using them exclusively.  Keep a skin journal.

The date stamped on your product

The date on the product is the date it was crafted. We assign products a full 12-18 months until expiration from that crafted date. We know the products will likely stay fresh for much longer than that, but this is a safe date. Proper dark/cool/closed storage extends shelf life.

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