Clay Bowls and Trays


We have partnered with the amazing potters at Handmade TN here in Nashville to create a custom line of bowls and trays for gorgeous display of your Nash and Jones products.  These handcrafted pieces are each unique and finished with a smooth white glaze top and raw clay bottom.

The Bowl

Handcrafted with love to use with our clay masks, holding your sea sponge or whatever you choose.

The Tray

Handcrafted with love to beautifully and artfully display your NJ products or whatever you choose.


Bowl: [approximately 3″ diameter and 1.25″ height]. Our logo is imprinted on the inside of the bowl and glazed over.

Tray: [approximately 11.5″ length and 5″ width]. Our logo is imprinted underneath the tray.


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